Royal Society Publishing Photography Competition

We are delighted to receive your entry to the 2017 Royal Society Publishing Photography competition.

Shortlisted entrants will be contacted in October. Unfortunately we are unable to notify unsuccessful entrants.

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Please provide a short, creative summary in laymans terms that describes the message of your photograph. This must also include the science behind the image and the scientific phenomenon it depicts, for example, how does it relate to your area of expertise.

Summary details of your photograph should capture the journey you went through to take the image. For example: how you went about getting the shot; what was your inspiration to pick up your camera to capture the shot; any surprises whilst taking the shot and if you learnt anything during the process.

You should also include the technical details involved in taking the photo and any post-processing involved.

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Please note photos should be in .JPG format and no larger than 10Mb

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